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In an increasingly global society, Osquared revitalizes the real estate investment market in the Oporto city and in Portugal, through the creation of innovative projects and products, targeted at new international investment strategies.

Founded by Eli Omer in 2020, the brand is currently developing a portfolio of residential and commercial projects, from which architectural accuracy and premium quality stand out.

The international network of business partners strengthens Osquared’s main corporate values of trust, security, privacy and professionalism.


We work accurately in the development of landmark architectural projects in each city or location.

Focused on the current ever-evolving market needs, Osquared looks forward to becoming a reference for sound investments among decision-makers seeking to invest in the Portuguese real-estate business.


Build timelessly designed architectural projects for housing, commerce or business, maintaining the highest quality standards and detailed construction as an overall result.

The competitive advantage of a visionary team.



Eli Omer has been an insider to the real estate market during the last two decades not only in Israel but all over Europe.

A pathway that includes corporate roles in international business and the foundation of “Renew” in partnership with Eli Elezra, owner of the Elezra Group.


Development Manager

Naty Shmila has founded several multinational corporations and brings extensive experience to Osquared.

As a savvy market trend analyst, she allows for improvements in mediation and management of international operations, pursuing performance optimization.



Founder of A.Omer & Co. Law Firm, Avi Omer’s holds a vast experience representing insurance companies and real estate corporations both in Israel and internationally.

Avi Omer provides legal support regarding commercial and real estate law; urban development and planning or residential complexes, shopping malls and public buildings construction.


Architect & City Planner

The visionary architect, with over 30 years of experience, stood out as Project Director for the Rishon Le Zion project. Today, Eli Yahalom plays a decisive role in all the real estate projects developed by Osquared, determining key details for the whole construction process.


PortoBaxia Co-Founder & CEO

The founder and co-owner of “Porto Baixa” carry a vast track record of dozens of real estate projects in down town Porto, and an exceptional passion for quality and details, and as the founder and owner of the “100 Domus” real estate mediation chain real  Pedro is a definite “authority” in the local real estate market.  

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