We care.

Business In The Social Contribution Perspective

A win-win strategy

Osquared is committed to the local community.

As lawyer and entrepreneur, Eli Omer is attentive to the social context in which every project is developed and seeks to deliver results beyond business indicators.

Point of view

Osquared has been providing opportunities both to talented, skilled locals and international initiatives promoting a global culture currently emerging in Porto.

Academic, social and economic accelerator

We believe in the potential developments enabled by resources provided for students and young emerging leaders in areas such as engineering, economics, management, law, or others, through social exchange with other companies. 

New concepts of academic housing

The growing interest from international students in the city of Porto poses today’s relevant economic lever. We create affordable housing solutions as a response to this trend, benefiting from an international ecosystem of a circulating community of people, ideas and businesses evolving and creating synergies in Porto. 

Project Catalog

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